The (Mother#*!@ing) Visit

I’m sorry… excuse the language. Not really, but REALLY!!! Like REAAAALLLLY!

So, there’s this movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn called “The Visit”! Aaaannnd it totally rocked my socks off!!!


First, I’d like to point out… “THEY WASN’T REAAAADDDYYYYY!!!” More like I wasn’t ready for this. Randomly, while getting ready to run an errand (which was prolonged for 2 hours because I came across this goodness!), I came across this black and white movie and I saw that Ingrid Bergman was starring in it. And I was all for that!

It was kind of slow UNTIL, she made her demands and here’s why!

The love of her life basically sold her into a life of prostitution all because he wanted a better life for himself. He wanted no commitment, no promises, NADA. And get this…she was pregnant with his child, wanted to get married, and start a life with her boo-thang!

Now, how did he sell her into that life you ask?!



Well here’s the scoop…

He convinced all the townspeople that she was a philandering whore. He even got some friends of his to say she was. Not okay sir. NOT. O-KAY!!! So, what’s the logical thing people tend to do? Reject, instead of accept. SO…they chased her out of town (while pregnant) where she went on to live the life of a whore.

Can you just imagine the hurt? Not only from the “love” of her life, but from the town people, who watched her grow up, not have her back. These are people that knew her well enough to know she was not the type to “get around”. So what did she do? Left town, had a baby, lived a life of prostitution, married rich guy, etc, etc.


I can’t give it all to ya people! You have to watch it for yourself!!! So with that…here’s some small tidbits I found out about this film.

William Holden wanted to star opposite Ingrid Bergman, but Anthony Perkins bought the rights and took the LEAD. You know what? I couldn’t see him playing that role, especially with where it was filmed (Italy), the characters, and plot.

Did you know Nina Ricca was one of the costume designers in this film?!! Now I’m not quite sure if it’s the same Nina Ricca that’s in high fashion, but I’ll look more into it. She also had her own war-des Rene Hubert (wee-wee huh-huh!) Her style here is impeccable, minus some components in that first outfit.

Check out the shades!!!


So…now it’s time for you to find a way to watch it. You can watch it on youtube for like $3, I want to say iTunes has it as well, for all you apple users in pretty much the same price range. So happy viewing…I’m not giving it all away, but lets just say…this scene is iconic (in my eyes at least).





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