To Each, There is…

To each cow there is at least one bird.

But who is the owner?

Is it the cow?

Or is it the bird?

Now, if there is more than one bird, then the cow is clearly the owner.

BUT, if there is one bird, could it be that the cow is its’ pet?

They are, quite and aloof and awkward species.

They consume these green organisms that have to be processed eight times once ingested.

Such an atrocity that a bette term would be DI-GUSTING!

But again, who am I but an unclean soul.

“Most Unclean” as some would have it.

But anywho, the bird seems quite simple, yet intelligent at the same time.

It’s process is in or out.

OR in and out!

Worm here, worm there, worm everywhere.

Full and then it deficates.

Where you ask?


Oh it doesn’t matter!

As long as you get it out!

While flying tends to the the most convenient…

Kill two birds with one stone.

Or shall I say, mark two objects with one push.

Hmmm…I think I’ll go with the cow as a pet and the bird as the owner.

“Why” you ask?

One is confined, where as the other has freedom to come and go as it pleases.

Hence birds…

the other homosapien no one told you about.

yours truly ,

Terra Firma

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